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Monday 17th of December 2018
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Polish Property Transaction Assistance

The Service - Transaction Assistance

Polish property - transaction assistance

This is a crucial moment that can be very costly if a foreign buyer gets it wrong. To start with you are on unfamiliar territory and bargaining a good price can prove extremely difficult. Asking the right questions before the transaction starts is vital. It is also important to make sure that both you and the vendor are agreed on what exactly the sale includes (items such as fitted kitchens, toilets, baths, sinks are not automatically assumed to be part of the sale). Although this should all come out in the legalities it is time and money wasted if what you thought you were buying is not what you are getting.

Mamdom Buyer Assist has native Polish speaking consultants who can make sure your questions are accurately and you get the best price without being taken for a ride. We also work with both the buyer and the seller throughout the transaction to make sure there is no confusion and emotions do not run high.

Transaction Assistance - Timescales

Property sales in Poland move much faster than in many countries, often because the buyer and seller both use the same solicitor and usually a date is agreed where all parties will meet, go over the contracts and legal documents, and exchange. As such vendors often expect exchange within a few days of a price being agreed. We know the pace can be unnerving but with a Mamdom consultant there is no need for anything to go wrong.

Transaction Assistance - Fees and Charges

Mamdom Buyer Assist receives no commission on any property you choose to purchase Our consultancy service is charged by the hour at 200 Euro (inclusive of VAT) and the following is a guide to various services based on previous transactions:

  • Obtaining answers to pre-sale questions - Between one and two hours depending on whether documentary evidence is required or not.
  • Negotiating the sale price - Usually one hour for residential properties and around three hours for large commercial premises.
  • Assisting in the transaction - Usually two hours for residential properties and up to ten hours for large commercial premises. Please note this does not include the services of a solicitor. For quotes on solicitor services please click here.
  • Travel Time - should a Mamdom consultant need to travel to a location for any reason this is charged at the standard hourly rate but we will inform you of this in advance.

Please note: Mamdom Buyer Assist fees are payable in advance. Once we have received your initial enquiry we will be able to tell you what we expect the fee to be based on the amount of time the particular service may take. Should the process require further man hours we will notify you in advance detailing what actions have been carried out to date and a re-evaluation of how much further consultancy time we believe will be required.

Transaction Assistance - Futher Information

For more details Contact Us with the details of the offer you are trying to secure.

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