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Monday 17th of December 2018
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Property Inspection Service for Poland

The Property Inspection Service

Buying a property in any country is full of risks but when it comes to purchasing abroad you need to be sure you won't have your fingers burnt, especially as you are dealing with a foreign language and in a culture you may not be familiar with. In Poland surveys of houses or apartments are rare as most buyers know, or know someone, who is experienced in the construction process and can check the property over. This is, however, a very basic check with no comprehensive report and little comeback.

Mamdom Property Inspections offer you the peace of mind that your purchase is everything you think it is and ensure you understand any issues that may be active with the offer.

Property Inspection Timescales

Our inspectors are fully mobile and operate across Poland. We understand that time is often crucial and most inspections can take place within 48 hours of Mamdom receiving your instruction. The property report will then be emailed to you within two working days

Property Inspection Fees and Charges

Mamdom receives no commission on the property you are thinking of buying so all you get is impartial, objective advice. Inspections are charged, in advance, at:

  • 2,000 PLN (approx 673 GBP / 850 EUR / 1 094 USD) minimum fee
  • 25 PLN (approx 4,81 GBP / 6,07 EUR / 7,81 USD) for every square meter of internal floor space over the first 100 square meters
  • 10 PLN (approx 1,92 GBP / 2,43 EUR / 3,13 USD) for every square meter of external land over the first 1,000 square meters

Property Inspection Service - Futher Information

To find out more about this service Contact Us detailing your individual circumstances.

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