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Monday 17th of December 2018
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Property Finder - Poland

The Property Finder Service

Mamdom is a property portal that lists thousands of offers from across Poland but sometimes you need a more indepth search. It doesn't matter if your looking for a farm suitable for horse breeding, a hotel, a city centre building ripe for convertion into apartments or simply a property suitable to rent out, our searches are designed to save you time and offer you more options. Our staff have expert knowledge of the offers on Mamdom and are in regular contact with agents and other organisations all over Poland so no one is better positioned to find what you want!

We search the whole market because we take no commission from agents or sellers. This means your options are not limited to 'partner companies' or those prepared to split fees.

Following a detailed brief from you we will:

  • trawl the databases for similar offers
  • check our archive records to ensure that offers sold recently have not fallen through
  • speak to the right agents and organisations about your requirements
  • use our wide network of contacts to identify offers not officially on the market

All the offers that we find are translated into English and usually include images. The offers will also include the direct contact details with the seller because Mamdom charges no commission on any offer that you decide to buy.

Property Finder Service Timescales

Timescales for finding properties varies. Some searches, such as "Apartments suitable for corporate let in Wrocław", may take only a matter of days while a very specific search, such as "Horse stabling within 50km of Gdansk", may take several weeks. We will be able to give you an estimate of how long the search will take once we have received your brief.

Property Finder Service Fees and Charges

Fees for this service are as follows and are for up to ten offers:

* Prices correct as of and subject to fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates

Fees are payable in advance of the search

Recent Property Finder Searches

Below are a few examples that give a flavour of the breadth and depth in what we do.

Two room apartment within 10km of Zakopane ski resort

Budget: 50,000 GBP
Offers found: 11

Industrial buildings suitable for convertion into apartment blocks within 5km of Łódż city centre

Budget: 250,000 to 1,000,000 EUR
Offers found: 12

100ha of agricultural land anywhere in Poland

Budget: 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 PLN
Offers found: 8

500 square meters of commercial space suitable for servicing electrical items with HGV access and in or around a large town with available workforce

Budget: 2 to 4 USD per square meter per month (rental)
Offers found: 7

300 sqm of land within Warsaw city limits and with planning permission to build apartment blocks

Budget: 830 EUR per square meter
Offers found: 4

Further Information

To find out more about the Property Finder service please contact us ensuring you supply the following information:

  • The location you are looking in
  • Your approximate budget in EUR, GBP or PLN
  • The size of the property or land you want to buy or rent
  • Any other factors important to you to ensure we find offers right for your requirements
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